"The painting is truly an original with phenomenal meaning"

Frank R. Wolf
House of Representatives

"It's a wonderful portrayal of American history"

George H. W. Bush

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Looking to the Future was chosen to be
part of The Franklin Tercentenary exhibit

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I probably wouldn't have painted Looking to the Future if I hadn't moved to Philadelphia with my studio two blocks from Independence Hall. History is everywhere the Liberty Bell, Washington Square, even some of the streets are still the original cobblestones that our forefathers walked.

I always found history fascinating; old civil war photographs still give me goose bumps. The creative juices really flowed the day I came across Robert F. Looney's book Old Philadelphia . Photos in this book from 1839 really got me going. I thought about how some of these buildings have been around from the start of America. What stories they could tell if each brick were to tell their own story! That's how it started, and just three short years later, Looking to the Future was completed. There were times I did not think I would ever finish the work, particularly with so much attention to detail. Yet I kept at it as I wanted to paint something that would make people's mouths drop when they looked at the work. My favorite thing about this piece is that you can actually find a brick in the painting around the time that you were born and see the history that came before and after. I hope every person who sees this painting can feel the heart that went into it and become inspired themselves.

Trust , Vol. 9 # 1, Spring, 2006

Samuel Formica (b. 1964, Chester County) is a self-taught painter who lives in Philadelphia, PA.

samuel j. formica

looking to the future

"It's an amazing work"

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Unveiling of  Looking to the Future 
at The Franklin Institute, May 2004

As seen in the June and July 2004 issue of American History Magazine

Best of America, Oil Artists Vol.1


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