"Religious symbolism is not often evident in modern art, but it emerges in the Crucifixion oil painting by Samuel Formica."

The Catholic Standard and Times

"Remember those pictogram puzzles you used to try to solve as a kid? Sam Formica's paintings are collections of punning pictograms on a common subject. You can appreciate it without knowing all the pieces of the puzzle, but taking the time to decipher them only helps you better appreciate the whole, and the artist's view of love sex, employment and growing up in this society."

The University Reporter

"In addition to his unique application of accepted standards he is a master of invention and innovation. His individual vision overlays his  work, driving home sociological messages in no uncertain terms...it has ' voice' ".


"You will run into cleverness now and again...like Samuel Formica's painting Help Our Mother Is Being Raped."

Edward J. Sozanski, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Starting deep within a subject, he exposes layer after layer until the thoughts and verbal expressions behind the idea's are laid open."

Art Matters

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Samuel Formica (b. 1964, Chester County) is a self-taught painter who lives in Philadelphia, PA.

samuel j. formica


samuel j. formica